Programming and Event Suggestions

Music is a Bridge that Spans the Universe

as exemplified in the Life, Art and Ideals of
     Maud Powell (1867–1920), violinist

FORMAT:     Orchestra with violin soloist and pre-concert talks

For Maud: Violin Concertos by Sibelius, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Brahms (with her cadenza), Coleridge-Taylor, Saint-Saens #3 (many more to choose from)

FORMAT:    Chamber Music

Ensemble for Maud Powell: String Quartet, Piano Trio, Violin and Piano
Repertoire:  could play Chaminade’s Trio, Dvorak’s American Quartet, Grieg, much more -- ask us!

Ensemble for Amy Beach: Piano quintet, violin and piano.
Repertoire:  Romance (dedicated to MP), Violin Sonata, Piano Quintet
Three compositions for violin and piano, piano solos

FORMAT:     Violin/Piano Recital

Vast repertoire of music to choose from, including display pieces.
Any sonatas from Tartini and Bach through Strauss, D’Indy, Lekeu, Carpenter, Beach
Maud Powell’s transcriptions and pieces by American composers and Black composers.
Support sources:  Many are in Maud Powell Favorites.  Some MP program notes are available.  Samples of Maud Powell's recital programs available.

FORMAT:     Replication of Maud Powell Recitals  (Living History Recitals)
VENUES:     Music schools/conservatories -- usually graduate level
PARTICIPANTS:   Violinist and pianist (harp is an option)
IDEA:     Could recreate Maud Powell and Amy Beach at the Women’s Musical Congress 1893, premiering Beach's "Romance"

FORMAT:     Presentations with Music, Images and Narrative
DVD:  "Our Maud Powell," one hour documentary by Paul D. Butler

MS Powerpoints: 
"Maud Powell, An American Legend" can be presented by a narrator with violinist and pianist (narrative and images can be made available through Dropbox); Maud Powell's recordings are part of the program and can be made available.  Program and music is adaptable by presenter.
"The American Dilemma that Brought Dvořák to our Shores" – the story of Antonin Dvořák, Jeannette Thurber, and Maud Powell and the formation of distinctly American music by American composers.

FORMAT:     School Visits by Musicians
Educational Units we have prepared:
     “Maud Powell, A Victor Immortal”
others to be created

FORMAT:     Essay Contests
Essay contest for Students in history, women’s studies, music, American studies
Winning essays will be published in our Signature, Women in Music magazine online

FORMAT:     Art and Poetry

Primary and Secondary Schools:
Create a poem or work of art inspired by the life and music of Maud Powell.
(Maud Powell wrote poetry and sketched when she was young.)

FORMAT:     State History Projects
Primary and Secondary Schools

FORMAT:     Summer Music Camps
Orchestra programs with violin soloist
Presentations/Talks re. Maud Powell and the advancement of music in America

FORMAT:     Cultural Lecture series by Pamela Blevins
Women composers –
     “Silent No More--Music by Women Composers”
     “The Spiritual Voice of Women Composers”

British composers
     “The Songs I Had – Composers of the First World War”
     Marion Scott, violinist, musicologist, Beethoven biographer, Haydn authority, founder of British Society
           of Women Musicians

“The other side of ...”  Sylvia Plath, Strindberg (as artists)

“Women who dared ....”  
     Freya Stark, Arabist
     Ethel Voynich, musician, revolutionary, writer
     Women, War, and Words -- women’s writings about their experiences in WWI

FORMAT:    Lectures by Karen A. Shaffer

"The Creative Genius of Women and Its Public Expression"

"Between Song and Symphony"

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